Public Warnning

louie isrove i accuse you in this open letter of undermining the well being of dozens of people, of causing directly great harm and suffering to many families. I accuse you of sinister and villanous actions that should never be forgotten lest you attempt to repeat them again to a fresh set of others.
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Criminal Alert !!!
Louis Isirov
Beware of this man!!!

This career criminal will destroy your life. Any association with Louie Isirove will put yourself, your family and all you hold dear in jeopardy.
This vain glorious extrovert will stalk you, harass and eventually harm you. He will steal from you, inform on you and do anything he can to both exploit and steal from you. This is no ordinary ex-felon. Louis Isorove once called himself the John Gotti of Chicago. Make no mistake he is no Capo but a horribly twisted sadist that revels in other peoples suffering. His criminal career has spanned for decades . As a young man his parents had to keep all the closets in their house locked so Louie wouldn't steal from them, as a teenager he enjoyed residential burglaries and settling vendettas by burning garages down. In his early twenties his Colombian associations earned him the power to distribute cocaine and harass everyone he could. With the help of the Cook County sheriffs department Louis Isorove both posed as law enforcement and executed unprecedented power to distribute narcotics in the Chicago land area and Southern Illinois. His m.o. was simple and diabolical, take cocaine cut it to crap then find someone he can intimidate, give him much, much more than he asks then start harassing him for the money he is owed. This way many young people from college campuses became virtual slaves and victims of this unrelenting scourge. Later Louis Isorove picked up a federal indictment. The evidence against him was over 8 hours of tape recorded conversations where this self professed made man made multiple death threats, proclaimed himself the John Gotti of Chicago and admitted to a whole plethora of crimes. When Louis Isorove decided to become a federal informant his decision must have been made within the easiest 3 seconds of his life. For Louie this only meant more power and a license to do what he has always enjoyed, harm others. Louis Isorove spared himself decades of prison time by entering into a conspiracy with agents of the federal government to lie, entrap, and falsely accuse dozens of other people of crimes that were either greatly exaggerated or at times completely false. With the help of A.U.S.A. David Resiley, d.e.a. agent john shaffer, p.o. kelly cain and other officers of the Richard j. mills federal court, louis isirov literally railroaded dozens of people to either plead guilty to crimes they had not committed or to face dozens and dozens of years locked away in a federal penitentiary.

This is both a historical account and a public warning.
if you know this man Louis isirov take heed.
Your very life is in danger.
Cleptomaniac, extortionist, stalker, informant, clinical sociopath, arsonist, just some but not all of his talents