Public Warnning

Edward Bontkowski i accuse you in open letter of undermining the well being of dozens of people, of causing directly great harm and suffering to many families. I accuse you of sinister and villanous actions that should never be forgotten lest you attempt to repeat them again to a fresh set of others.
Criminal Alert !!!
Edward Bontkowski

Beware of this man!!!

This career crimminal will destroy your life. Any association with Edward Bontkowski will put yourself, your family and all you hold dear in jepordy.
This violent con man will stalk you, harrase and eventually harm you. He will steal from you, inform on you and do anything he can to both exploit and destroy you. This is no ordinary ex-felon. Edward Bontkowski is a horribly twisted sadist that revels in other peoples suffering. His crimminal career has spanned for decades .  When Edward Bontkowski decided to become a federal informant his decision must have been made within the easiest 3 seconds of his life. For Eddie this only ment more power and a license to do what he has always enjoyed, harm others. Edward Bontkowski has  in the past used extorcian, black mail, death threats to defraud others of their money. With the aid of his wife and ex-wife he has become a federal informant to secure funds from the families of helpless prisoners in exchange for a false routine of provided help. This is both a historical account and a public warning. if you know this man Edward Bontkowski take heed. Your very life can be in danger.